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by BeaDyK MetalSmith Instructor

About Me...and Tools

I'm so glad you have come to my shop!

My husband, Bob, and I used to own a bead shop.  We closed in 2017...on purpose.  By then I had already started traveling to teach SilverSmithing as I still do and the shop was getting in the way! 

I have been teaching jewelry making for 8 years.  I have taught bead stringing, wire working and wrapping, design with 2-part epoxy clay, silver smithing, among other things.

Since 2014 I completely lost myself to my true passion, MetalSmithing...soldering, cold connections, metal forming, Keum-boo, fusing, torch enameling and teaching, teaching, teaching.  And I have a ton of tools.

My students always inspire I teach, what I teach and the tools I offer on this site.  These handmade tools make life easier for the maker in one way or another.  Maybe you are always losing your tools (cuz you have so many!) or your fingers hurt and you need a little help making that bezel.  I needed these things personally and found that my students do too.

So there you go...I have to go make something!  Let me know if you need anything...I'm just an email away!

by BeaDyK